Virtual reality gaming is finally here. No, really. After decades of false starts, the industry can finally deliver the immersive experiences gamers expect from VR. Gamers of all ages today are strapping on headsets in their living rooms and diving head first into new worlds. Or, at least the ones who can afford to are.

The virtual reality experiences gamers expect can cost a fortune. The latest-and-greatest headsets can cost upwards of $600. And gamers need to pair many of those headsets with a PC powerful enough to process the high frame rate of VR apps. Some early adopters are paying more than $2,000 to play. That’s how much the average American budgets for entertainment… per year. At that price point, it’s no surprise that the top four headset makers shipped fewer than 2 million units last year. We finally have the technology to take VR mainstream, but is it too expensive to live up to its potential?

No. Little did you know that most Americans are carrying all they need to enjoy VR in their pockets. Mobile VR technology delivers the promise of VR gaming to anyone with a smartphone. 68% of Americans own a smartphone, and thus hold the future of gaming in their very hands. Mobile VR eliminates the need for expensive headsets and powerful PCs. You can bet that VR market players recognize this and are pouncing on the opportunity to make a quick buck off of the latest VR hype.

Unfortunately for consumers, that means there are a lot of market players providing subpar VR experiences that can turn gamers off of VR’s potential. Many lower cost VR headsets lack practical features that make VR enjoyable and comfortable. For example, Google Cardboard, the top-selling mobile VR headset retails for $14.00, but comes without any kind of built-in facial or head support. You can have those for an additional cost. Mid-range headsets come with those features built in, but they can run up to $100.00 – still a pretty penny for the chance to test out the future of gaming.

Enter VR Entertainment’s VR Real Feel Racing headset. At only $29.99 the VR Real Feel Racing headset offers users an affordable mid-range option that has many of the bells-and-whistles feature on more expensive VR headsets, at a fraction of the cost. The built-in head-strap and face form guard guarantees users an enjoyable experience that will be comfortable on both adults and children alike. And rather than relying on your neck to steer and your arms to hold up your headset, our adjustable head strap frees up your hands to use our patent-pending Bluetooth VR steering wheel.

Bringing a piece of high-end models to the consumer, the VR Real Feel Bluetooth steering wheel places you directly in the driver’s seat of its flagship VR app VR Real Feel Racing. With its wireless steering, wheel and turn, accelerate, brake and shift, you can hit the racetrack knowing you have the ability to race with intuitive, familiar control. The ability to take hands-on control with our steering wheel is further highlighted by its Max Force Feedback ™ immersive torque technology – giving users vibration feedback whenever they crash or collide on the track.

We at VR Entertainment believe that the future of VR belongs to everyone. So rather than making you choose between cost, quality or quantity of features, our headset and steering wheel brings you all three in one affordable package. We’re making virtual reality a reality for the rest of us.