Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does it matter which direction I put my phone into the headset?

No – the app will auto-sense which direction is up and flip the screen if necessary. You may find that by flipping your phone may help clear any buttons from the cradle holding your smartphone in the headset.

I cannot see the image correctly. It looks like have 2 images. What can I do?

Make sure your smart device is aligned corrected to the center of your headset. You may also need to download the Google Cardboard app to correct the view issue. You may search “Google Cardboard” on Google Play Store and iTunes App Store to download and install the app.​

How do I control the car speed?
Hold down the ( + ) button to go faster and the ( – ) button to go slower.​
How can I control the car better?
​Don’t drive too fast at first; get used to the feel of your car and the track first and build up your driving skills. Start slowly and build your way up.
When the car keeps crashing or losing control, can I reset the car direction?
If you see yourself “fishtailing”, try to hit to the ( – ) button while letting off the gas (+) to gain control of your car. If things get really tough, press the Respawn button on the upper left of the wheel, and you’ll be placed back on the course, facing the right way. ​
Why does my battery on my smartphone drain so fast?
Because the game is generating stereo high-definition graphics, your phone’s battery life may be shorter than with other games. Make sure your phone is well charged before playing. While playing VR Real Feel Racing, you may notice that the phone is warm to the touch. This is normal. If it gets too warm stop the app and let the device cool down.
Why does the game sometimes seem less responsive?
Because the game is generating stereo high-definition graphics, a lot of processor computing power is needed. Try turning off other active apps in your smart device to lessen this issue.
I installed fresh batteries, but the app still won’t recognize the steering wheel.
If the RED LED does not come on after you press SCAN on the app, check to make sure your Bluetooth® 4.0 (BLE) connectivity setting is in the ON position. You must be running Bluetooth® 4.0 (BLE) connectivity for the App to open. Restarting the app and the steering wheel may help as well.
Can I use headphones to play without others hearing the music and sound effects?
If you want to play silently, plug in your headphones or ear buds (not included) through the slot on the side of the headset to your smartphone.
Can I use Bluetooth® headphones while I'm playing?
No; Bluetooth® headphones are not compatible with this app because mobile devices cannot connect to both Bluetooth® headphone and the steering wheel at the same time.

QR Code for Google Cardboard if you’re having issues viewing the game as one image through the VR Real Feel Racing Headset.